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Aktualności i wydarzenia

The new winery is finnaly open!
Dear Friends.

The new winery is finnaly open!
We would like to thank everyone who was with us on Sunday during the opening ceremony and on Monday - during Grzegorz Turnau's concert. These were two fantastic days!
A few interesting facts about the new building:
It was built exactly 140 years after the first winery boulding from 1881.
18 new stainless steel vats found their place there.
In the heart of the new wineary there is a cellat where we keep 200 oak barrels.
It means that in the future we will be able to produce up to twice much more wine.
This also means that we will have twice as many reasons to enjoy wines from Baniewice.
The new building is also a new attraction for enotourists.
Photo Andrzej Szkock

Best Regards,
Turnau Vineyard



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