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The collection for Ukrainian families is still going on!
Dear friends, On behalf of the Ukrainian families who have moved in to our guesthouse today, we would like to thank everyone who responded to our appeal.   In one day, we managed to collect over 12,000 PLN and many basic necessities.  ...
We harvested grapes for our ice wine!
We did it! At night the temperature dropped to -11 degrees and at 5 am we started our first harvest this year!   Early morning, the frozen grapes were gently pressed, giving a concentrated, golden nectar that will turn into ice wine af...
Chardonnay 2019 and Cabernet 2019 have moved from barrels to vats!
Dear friends, Our Chardonnay 2019 and Cabernet 2019 have just been transferred from barrels to stainless steel vats! After 10 months in barrels, our cabernet and chardonnay were transferred to a stainless steel vat for rest. Next steps: filtrat...
The final stage before harvest!
The final stage before harvest begins! We cut off long shoots, giving the rows a new, more regular shape. From time to time warning sounds spread in the air, scaring flying fruit eaters. The fruits are getting soften, and more ri...
Frank Faust - our oenologist and dear friend
Frank Faust - producer of fantastic wines, owner of a vineyard in Rheingau, and for us, role model and a dear friend. He has been with us for 6 years and each of our wines shows his knowledge, experience and talent. He is 42 years...
Bottling of the 2019 vintage!
Dear friends, Bottling wines from 2019 vintage is in progress! In the next few days, we will bottle riesling, hibernal and johanniter. Bottling time is the crowning of our hard work. Are you curious about the new vintage? We have to wait a ...
Dear Wininca Turnau friends, For health and safety reasons, we cancel the next concerts and events. All vineyard and winery tours are cancelled until further notice. Our vinotheque is open from Monday to Friday between 11-17. Payment by card on...
Turnau vineyard among ecological vineyards!
Our winery has finally received an organic vineyard certificate! We have run the vineyard ecologically since the very beginning. In 2015 we submitted the first application for organic certificate. After four-year efforts, many inspections and annual...
Grapes for Solaris 2019 picked up!
A first part of harvest 2019 is over. The solaris must works gaily in fermentation tanks and we are waiting for readiness of following varieties. We would like to show you a short story of the beginning of this year harvest. Zdjęcia: Winnica Turn...
Harvest 2019 just started!


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